Schilderij op canvas – Monstera




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Thanks to the motif of this fashionable plant, distinguished by holes in leaves, you will bring freshness and naturalness to your rooms. You can bet on the paintings of monstera leaves in gold color. The monstera leaf image will work well in apartments, offices and other places that require the creation of a soothing atmosphere.

Acrylic on canvas, mix media, structure . Monstera is made of two colors of szlagmetal and glitter.

Painting without frame

Specifications / Specificaties

  • Artist / Artiest: Urszula Kozinska (more about)
  • Size / Afmeting: 100 x 100 cm / 3D
  • Technique / techniek: Acrylic, szlagmetal on canvas  / 2022
  • Name / Naam: Monstera