Schilderij op canvas – Lord of Butterflies


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Butterflies symbolize immortality, rebirth and the path to better change. Beautiful, subtle and delicate, and at the same time amazingly strong.Butterflies are, in a word, unusual. Few animals delight with their appearance in the natural world, like these insects. Majestically floating in the air, butterflies spread their magic and harbingers of all kinds of changes.The painting Lord of Butterflies is a symbol of the coming changes.

Painting without frame.

Specifications / Specificaties

  • Artist / Artiest: Urszula Kozinska (more about)
  • Size / Afmeting: 80 x 100 cm / 3 D
  • Technique / techniek: Acrylic  on canvas  / 2023
  • Name / Naam: Lord of Butterflies