Schilderij op canvas – Bon


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“Show me your face and I’ll tell you how you feel.” The eyes are the mirror of the soul, and it is in it that emotions and feelings are hidden?

Or maybe….
Is it the mouth that speaks, not only by saying words, but also by grimace, raising or lowering the corners? The grimace of the face likes to fixate.

When we walk the streets self-righteous, reflective, the face becomes serious and sometimes even gloomy. When we often get into trouble, the face becomes sad and depressed.

What do you see in this face?

Acrylic, szlagmetal on canvas.

Painting without frame

Specifications / Specificaties

  • Name / Naam: Bon
  • Artist / Artiest: Urszula Kozinska (more about)
  • Size / Afmeting: 100 x 100 cm
  • Technique / techniek: Acrylic, szlagmetal on canvas   / 2022