Schilderij op canvas – Modern Flowers


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Flowers are hosted in our homes on many different occasions – sometimes we get them ourselves on the occasion of birthdays, thanks or dates, and sometimes we give them to others. But do you know what the hidden meaning of flowers is? What do yellow flowers represent? Discover the language of flowers and delve with us into their fascinating world. Let’s get started!

Yellow flowers Positive meaning: friendship, happiness, respect, comfort, appreciation, health.

Painting on canvas mix media with bright colors .

Painting without frame

Specifications / Specificaties

  • Artist / Artiest: Urszula Kozinska (more about)
  • Size / Afmeting: 120 x 150 cm / 3D
  • Technique / techniek: Acrylic, paint structure on canvas  / 2022
  • Name / Naam: Modern Flowers