Schilderij op canvas Einstein impresión


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Einstein impresión

It is not without reason that the name “Einstein” has become synonymous with the word genius. Albert Einstein was one of the greatest minds of the 20th century, who brought invaluable knowledge to science. One of his sayings ”

On happiness: A happy person is too satisfied with the present to dwell on the future”.

The physicist conducted groundbreaking research on how the universe works, authored the theory of relativity, and predicted the existence of gravitational waves many years before we found evidence of their existence. Einstein was not only a physicist, he was also a scientist-philosopher.

The “Einstein impresión” painting on canvas  will certainly be an extraordinary decoration for your living room. We suggest that the portrait ” Einstein impresión” can also be a unique gift for a wedding or an anniversary.

Painting  on canvas without frame.

Specifications / Specificaties

  • Name / Naam:   Einstein impresión
  • Artist / Artiest: Urszula Kozinska (more about)
  • Size / Afmeting: 100 x 100 cm / 3 D
  • Technique / techniek: Acrylic  on canvas  / 2024