Meet artist Urszula Kozińska

For many years I worked as a clothing designer and production manager in Poland. After moving to Burgundy in the south of France, I made contact with nature. And that made the passion for painting come back.

What is your direction of painting?

My direction of painting is surrealism, modern art, cubism and abstractionism, the latter category of paintings affects the imagination. Abstract painting is a departure from any norms and attempts at visual representation and illustrative ness.

It is more an impact on the imagination, associations and emotions of the recipient.

It belongs to one of the more difficult to receive painting styles, because it is more often based on understanding the vision, rather than the pure workshop of the artist.

It’s simple and interesting form, often based on the contrast of colors, makes these paintings perfectly match in modern interiors.

Where are you most proud of?

I like to paint on canvas and use mixed media to create my work . I’m proud of all the paintings I’ve painted.I think it’s important to find a technique for self-expression.

Now I stand on the verge of new changes. My works have more colors.

For several years I feel that I have understood the impact of the visual arts on my life and on the lives of others

Moved to Alicante in Spain

Currently I create and live in sunny Alicante, Spain.
Since moving to France, I have participated in several national and international Exhibitions.

My works are in private collections in the Netherlands, Spain and Poland.